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Daycare activities that’ll help your little one thrive
July 9, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by New Born learning center

When you send your little one to daycare, you do so hoping that they’ll develop into confident children. At Newborn Learning Center, we care for children from throughout Riverdale, CA. We believe that each one who comes to us deserves to benefit from a broad range of activities that’ll help them develop. In this post, we’ll detail the type of activities we use as part of our child care packages and their benefits.

Arts and crafts

In our experience, there’s no child on this Earth who doesn’t love arts and crafts. As we accommodate children ranging between a few weeks old to 12 years old, we shape our arts and crafts sessions to meet different age categories. This can mean messy play that’s well supervised by our care team through to independent activities among our older children.

As arts and crafts involves using hands and fingers, it helps children in child care facilities develop fine motor skills. As your child learns to color between the lines, paint a picture, and glue sequins, they’re refining the motor skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

Using arts and crafts also promotes self-expression. As children learn to regulate their emotions, saying how they feel isn’t always possible. But they can express their feelings through artwork, making it easier for them to nurture their spirit.

Music in child care

Music sparks joy among people of all ages, which is why we love to use it in our child care setting. Did you know that understanding beats and rhythms makes it easier for your children to develop their math skills? Music wires your child’s brain so they’re prepared to make calculations and solve problems when they reach an academic setting.

Music is also one of the best ways for your child to develop teamwork skills. No matter what their age, little ones who are trying to create a harmony together must work alongside one another. When they learn to support each other as a group, they’ll carry those skills with them for the rest of their lives.

We also love to use music to help our daycare attendees boost their self-esteem. Music is something that anyone can make a contribution to. When children experience the joys that come with singing, playing an instrument, or learning a tune, they’ll enjoy a sense of achievement that enhances their confidence.

Socializing and cooperating

If your child is going to socialize with confidence, they need to spend time around other children. Additionally, they should spend time around peers who are of different ages.

At New Born Learning Center, our child care facility is perfect for socializing. Wherever possible, we encourage children to spend time around those who are older and younger than them. This allows them to strengthen their sense of empathy and prepares them for entering educational settings where they’ll mix with different age groups.

Cooperation also rests at the heart of our daily activities. We encourage the children we care for to share, compromise, and support one another. Although they’ll learn these skills at home too, we know that adopting them in a daycare environment is a reliable way to learn to support others who aren’t in their family.

At New Born Learning Center, we know you’ll love hearing about your child’s day. Because of this, we’ll always provide updates on their progress. If you’re interested in arranging for ongoing child care for your little one, contact us by calling 770 996 4685 or 470 207 5093.