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Introduction to New Born Learning Center’s Daycare Facility
June 19, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by New Born learning center
child care

At New Born Learning Center, we love caring for God’s little angels. As a daycare facility that cares for newborns through to pre-teens, we believe in helping children thrive in a loving environment. Our daycare facility is based in Riversdale, GA, and we’re here to show you why we’re right for your family.

Starting your little one’s education with creative activities

At New Born Learning Center, we believe your child’s education should begin with creative activities. During their formative years, children experience the most benefits of creative play. The interactions they have with each other and the world around them during their first few years of life will shape their character forevermore.

When your child is able to engage with creative play in a daycare setting, they will:

  • Strengthen their emotions
  • Learn how to socialize with others
  • Learn new ways to express themselves
  • Explore their ideas
  • Develop their imagination

As a daycare facility that cares for children from six weeks through to 12 years old, we vary the creative activities we provide according to your child’s age. For example, newborn babies may be exposed to sensory play, whereas an older child will have the freedom to lead their own arts and crafts activities. Many of the tools we use are household items, which means your child can continue exploring their creative side when they get home.

We also promote independent and imaginative play, as well as music classes. With every session your child spends at New Born Learning Center, they’ll grow closer toward being a confident adult.

Daycare in Riversdale, GA that suits your schedule

At New Born Learning Center, our services are here to meet the needs of working parents throughout Riverdale. If you’re returning to work when your little one is a newborn, we’ll care for them according to a schedule that suits you. We’re fully invested in each child who enters our care, so we’ll pay close attention to dietary requirements, sleep schedules, and more. When you leave your child with us, it’s like you’re leaving them in a second home.

As your child gets older, finding wraparound care outside of their school hours sometimes feels challenging. Our daycare facility is suitable for children up to the age of 12. By using our facilities, you can go to work confidently knowing that competent care professionals are watching over your children while you work. Each one will provide your child with the same level of care they’d give to their own.

Whether you need to use our services one day a week, five days a week, or somewhere in-between, we’ll work toward a schedule that meets your needs. Just reach out to us to see how we can help you.

Helping your little angel develop

Your child’s development is as important to us as it is to you. One of the biggest benefits of using a daycare facility is that they can socialize with other kids their age. This socialization aids their linguistic development. Additionally, it provides them with some of the key skills they’ll need as an adult. For example, negotiating and navigating their emotions.

We like to treat every child as an individual, as that’s what helps them to thrive. While using a caring curriculum that’s based on God’s teachings, we’ll encourage your child’s unique potential. Our aim is to help them develop into confident individuals who are well-equipped to navigate the challenges the world throws at them.

If you’d like to discuss your little one’s needs and how our daycare can make a positive impact on your family, call 770 996 4685 or 470 207 5093.